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Coalition Projects

​Coalition members get the chance to experience community organizing activities including the following: collect letters of support/petition signatures for stronger policies, conduct educational presentations to raise awareness on tobacco control issues, provide advocacy workshops, recruit supporters to the campaign, meet with media/elected officials to educate and inform them on the issue, and create various advocacy media projects.

Educational Presentations 

Art Projects 

KOA Parent Workshop.jpg

LAYFTC members give presentations on flavored tobacco products to raise awareness on tobacco control issues. Our members attend middle schools to college universities to present to parents and youth. We also give out resources for quitting, how. to talk to your child if they smoke, and LAYFTC materials.

The Corner on Washington - Galilea (3).j

LAYFTC has hosted its 1st Virtual Youth Art Contest, inviting youth in the Greater Los Angeles Area to submit an artwork (digital, drawing, painting, etc.) that demonstrates how tobacco has impacted their community, life, and environment. The artwork that is shown is the winner of the LAYFTC Youth Art Contest. It is titled "Corner on Washington" by Galilea Ruiz. 

Art Projects

Petitions/Letter of Support

PBF Staff interacting with Community Mem
Letter of Support

We give workshops on how a strong letter of support for policies that restrict flavored tobacco is written and submit them to the Los Angeles City Council to show support for tobacco control policies. If you are interested in learning how to write a strong letter of support and would like to submit one for the campaign, please contact us!



LAYFTC members recruit for members to join the coalition and campaign by hosting at tabling events, outreaching to schools, giving presentations, and attending social events.

Public Comment at City Hall

Public Comment

LAYFTC and community members attend City Council meetings to give public comment for their support for tobacco control policies. Our members also give personal experiences and how flavored tobacco product has impacted them. We give training for advocacy and public speaking for our members to prepare them to voice their thoughts to City Council members. 

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The Young Adult Purchase Surveys (YAPS) involve young adults, ranging from ages 18 to 20, going into stores and attempting to buy favored
tobacco products. The YAPS have proven to be an invaluable source of data by raising awareness about the problem of youth access to tobacco
and generating innovative policy solutions to preventing youth smoking. Click on title link to view our data!

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